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Press Release

I helped write this release for a client who was announcing a new hire.

Media Alert

I helped write a media alert announcing a new location for my client to gain media coverage.

Media Pitch

I helped write a pitch about corporate social responsibility that was sent to the media to encourage them to write a story.

Relocation Pitch Deck

I wrote the Woodbridge, Mountain House and dining sections to persuade a client to move to Stockton during my Charles Aris internship. 

Feature Story

I wrote a feature story in my Strategic Writing Class about my friend who had just taken her 30th trip to Disney World. 

Strategic Campaign

I wrote a strategic campaign for my strategic writing class based on my own idea for a new business. 

Coverage gained from Media Relations:

A client I worked with received coverage in WWD from the CSR pitch I sent to the media. 

A client I worked with received coverage in Lakeland Boating from the pitch about the new boat commissioning tool I sent.

Blog Posts:

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