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Print Ads

In my Corporate Publishing class, we created our own business and three print ads for a campaign using InDesign.


Advertising Campaign

In my Media Writing class, I was assigned the Toyota Camry and had to create a full-page print ad, a half-page print ad, and a banner ad for a potential Black History Month campaign.

Full Page Print Ad.jpg
Half Page Print Ad.jpg
Banner Ad - Toyota.jpg

Studenterhuset Campaign

In Copenhagen, Denmark my Designing Communications Class worked with a client, Studenterhuset (Student House), to create two commercials for a campaign.

Video Ad #1

Video Ad #2

Social Media Ads

In my Digital Marketing class, my group created an advertising plan for a client. I created LinkedIn advertisements for the B2B segment. 


In-Class Video Ad

In my Designing Communications Class, we were given a creative brief and just two hours to create a tagline and advertisement.

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